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  • Tina Franklin

The Redbud Tree

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Keats

Each Spring I wait with anticipation the blooming of the Redbud tree outside my office window just over the stone wall and into Arlington National Cemetery. All winter it stays nearly invisible and almost forgotten among the other trees saving its deep purple buds for the crisp, sunlit days of Spring. It is a smaller tree, even compared to the Dogwood that stands beside it. Perfectly shaped, its branches reach out like open arms as it stands among the white marble headstones.

The stunning blooms will last for some time before the Spring breezes scatter them to the ground, replacing with summer greenery that will stay until the chill of Fall. But until that time, I will take delight with this small joy in my busy workday, allowing me to realize that beauty is all around us if we choose to seek it out, take it in and look forward to it with anticipation. That’s a joy we can hold onto forever.

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