• Tina Franklin

Don't Let Distractions Limit a Great Performance

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

To say Indie artists are multifaceted is quite the understatement these days. Wearing the hat of publicist and promoter while keeping true to artistic intentions can feel like living with a split personality. The expectation to capture the essence of every performance with a tweet, clever photo or video sometimes seems to distract from what it is that you came to do – entertain. As a performer, social media has a way of making you feel that in order to promote your “brand” you need to be posting, filming, live streaming or more to acquire content to push out later. Getting this done can seem daunting, especially if you are doing it on your own. First world problems, I know! However, you can begin to feel pressured to get the most out of every performance, but sometimes you just need to “Let it Go”.

I recently experienced this at our gig at a great, trendy Northern Virginia venue. In the back of my mind, I felt preoccupied if I had posted enough zany pre-show hijinks or show from the stage the sea of happy concert-goers. While I would have loved some good video of the evening, I instead focused on singing my heart out; focusing on every syllable and nuance of color of every verse and phrase. Giving to my audience all I had. How liberating!

Nope, there was absolutely nothing to post at the end of the show – no takeaways, no remembrance, but what we had in return was a more engaged audience, a better singing performance and believe it or not, more tips! So, as with any craft, full time and attention pays off big. So enlist friends and family to help with pics and video, plan set up of Facebook Live beforehand, be selective with your posts and get on with the SHOW!

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