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Rock & Roll Tributes

Our photographic tributes to some Rock and Roll greats

2 from the heart pays tribute to

Bob Dylan's Bringing it all back home

2 from th Heart tribute to Bringing it All Back Home

In 1965 Bob Dylan released his fifth studio album, Bringing it all Back Home.  The album served as a transition for Dylan, not only for himself as he moved from a shabby folk singer into a more refined electric age, but for rock and roll itself.  Although it may seem lighthearted now, Dylan pushed the limits with lyric imagery, ushered in electrified blues, and left his folkies behind with this influential album.  The album cover, by rock photographer Daniel Kramer, captures iconically, this reemergence of Dylan and of Rock and Roll.   We hope you enjoy our tribute. 


Find out more about Bringing It All Back Home in this informative 2016 Rolling Stone article:

2  from the Heart Pays Tribute to

David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane

2 from the Heart Alladin Sane Tribute
2 from the Heart tribute to David Bowie
2 from the Heart tribute to David Bowie

The Alladin Sane cover features one of the most iconic images of Bowie with the orange lightning bolt and sad tear drop puddle cradled in the left shoulder blade.  It has been copied many times over since the album debuted in 1973 and now, we reveal our version.   

Bowie referred to the album as “Ziggy Stardust goes to America” since a lot of the observations were made while on the Ziggy Stardust tour in the United States.  The lighting bolt represents a duality of mind conveyed in makeup, split between the love of performing and the lonely times spent on a tour bus traveling with a bunch of strangers. 

As always, we hope you enjoy our tribute to him. 


Find out more about Aladdin Sane in this Rolling Stone article:

2 from the Heart pays tribute to Deborah Harry

Deborah Harry Tribute by 2 from the Heart
2 from the Heart tribute to Deborah Harry
2 from the Heart tribute to Deborah Harry
2 from the Heart tribute to Deborah Harry

I first remember hearing Blondie with the Parallel Lines album when I was just 13.  One Way or Another, Hanging on the Telephone and Sunday Girl were punk-pop classics we played over and over.  Debbie Harry scared me at first.  Her punk rock style and daring persona pushed the envelope making her fascinating to me.  Plus, she was interestingly beautiful, with her wild hair and giant cheekbones. 

We’ve recreated the photo shoot with British photographer, Brian Aris in her New York City apartment in 1979.  Harry often sported thrift store style tee-shirts with kitschy messages while performing.  You can find most of them on Amazon now – but this one took too long to ship so I went ahead with straight black.      

Hope you all enjoy this photographic tribute to Debbie. please let us know and comment, like, share and subscribe.


Here’s an article with more great pics of Debbie:

2 from the Heart Pays tribute to Janis Joplin's Pearl

2 from the Heart pays tribute to Janis Joplin

Pearl was the second and final studio album for Joplin, released four months after her death in January 1971.  It reached number one on the Billboard charts and would have served as a turning point for her career.  Along with her newly formed band, Full Tilt Boogie and a team of top-notch producers, the album had a more refined vocAl and blues sound than her previous release. She was definitely growing up and working on honing her sound. Her future seemed brighter and for her time, she was a true original. 

Barry Feinstein, who had an interesting career himself, photographed the Pearl session.  He was already established as the go-to rock and roll photographer of the time and had shot iconic album covers for Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison.  I think the album cover shows a woman, more regal now and coming into her own deserving of so much more.   Unfortunately, it was not to be. 


Enjoy our tribute to Janis and find out more about Pearl and photographer Barry Feinstein here:

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