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Did  2  from the Heart form for the sake of convenience?  Well, sort of. Take guitarist Kent Franklin, who has been a devoted supporter of his wife Tina's singing. "I have been a film director, a chauffeur, and a master lipstick holder at any given moment." Remembers Kent.  "We were always going to my shows and rehearsals together anyway and Kent has always played guitar."  Tina, says.  "Wouldn't it make sense if we just teamed up together musically as an acoustic duo...??? Hmmm.....??"


Fast forward to a vacation in North Carolina's Outer Banks in the summer of 2015, when a sign on the side of the beach road read "Art's Place - Open Mic Tonite!" With guitar at the ready, Kent pulled the entire family into the little love shack to watch he and Tina pull off a rousing rendition of The Doors, Love Me Two Times and The Black Keys, Gold on the Ceiling.  There was thunderous applause!  They realized that everything they had been looking for was right there in front of them - each other!!!  So sweet, right? 


Over the next six months, realizing that they were certainly not the first ones to do the acoustic thing, they started developing their own versions of old and new pop hits, bluesy classics and soulful country ballads that showcase Tina's strong vocals and Kent's rockin' acoustic guitar style. 


Everything started cooking with gas and they were off to a great start, when tragically Tina's Dad passed away, putting the entire project on the back burner. After much reflection, she realized that her Dad would want her to move forward with the thing she loved doing most.  With sheer determination, they ventured out again and didn't miss a beat performing all over the D.C. area to great reviews.  


It has been a crazy, but rewarding time since then and they hope to

share that sentiment by making a genuine connection with the

audience by performing their versions of familiar covers and originals. 

Tina wonders, "Can I still ask him to hold my lipstick?" 

Tina Franklin

Tina started performing in her folks living room singing and dancing

for anyone who would listen (mostly stuffed animals and Breyer horse

figurines, strategically placed in the round), then on into high school

and college where she studied classical voice and performed in

countless weddings, shows and recitals and was even chosen as a

member of the Paul Hill Chorale, performing a concert series at the

Kennedy Center.  However, her love of soul and blues beckoned,

so she performed in a bunch of bands before starting her acoustic duo,                        

2 from the Heart. Her influences include classic rock, blues, R&B and her own brand of country soul as well as voices ranging from Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson to pop icon Christina Aguilera and to the great Ella Fitzgerald. 


Kent Franklin 

Kent began his musical career at the prestigious Robinson High School under the direction of famed guitar teacher Glen McCarthy!  He has been playing ever since.  Despite his wife's claims that his musical tastes are stuck in the 1990's, his influences include, The Beatles, Squeeze, REM, Matthew Sweet, Kaleo and the Record Company.  When Kent is not playing guitar, he's either honing in on the draft or meticulously calculating stats on his beloved Minnesota Vikings.  Go Vikes!!     

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